Injury Prevention Screening Services

We have seen all too often individuals who begin an exercise training program and shortly thereafter are sidelined by injury and pain. Perhaps you have experienced this yourself. At Resilient Health & Performance, we want you to not only progress toward your goals, we want to keep you safe along the way.

One way we can minimize the risk of injury while training is by using a number of screening tools to help identify imbalances, asymmetries, and weaknesses. Utilizing the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) as well as the Selective Functional Movement Assessement (SFMA) and other assessment strategies, we are able to screen both injured and non-injured athletes, and best identify what each person’s training should include.

Focusing on exercise without first addressing  muscle imbalances and joint position tends to be ineffective and commonly reinforces compensatory patterns and increases painful symptoms. If this is the case, you will work directly with Drs. Renkens and Leist to first correct the imbalances and dysfunction and then begin training at the appropriate level.

Conversely, if treatment only includes manual therapy for correction of posture, muscle imbalance, and alignment, relief tends to be temporary an dependence on the healthcare practitioner providing the manual correction is common.

With the plans we offer, Resilient Health & Performance provides a combination of manual therapy, exercise, and education for a successful outcome. Our techniques and coaching will not only help athletes recover from injuries quickly, but will also help them prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. We prepare the body to be more efficient in training, athletic performance, and activities of daily living.

We will focus on your unique needs and goals and strongly consider where you ultimately want to end up. We still strive to equip you with the proper tools and know-how needed to realize your best you.

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